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The EDH Group is a French higher education group, and has been a leader in the fields of communication, artistic and cultural management, journalism, graphic design, digital arts, architecture and web and mobile development for 60 years now.

The EDH Group schools provide undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and are united in the shared values they uphold: a caring, human-centred approach, and a commitment to ensuring their students succeed.

Drawing on their long-standing ties with a wide-reaching network of companies across the world, the schools embrace an active, tailored approach to learning, with an emphasis on practical, hands-on experience and employability.

With 25 campuses in five different countries, the EDH Group’s schools aim to train leaders in today’s in-demand sectors and emerging industries, buoyed by a community of over 35,000 past students.

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Our schools & areas of expertise

EFAP School of Communication
EFAP Communication & marketing school

EFAP School of Communication

Founded in 1961 in Paris, EFAP School of Communication has been a pioneering school from the get-go, and helped shape a field of study now deemed essential: communication. With close to 3,500 students spread over its 10 campuses (in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Aix-en-Provence, Montpellier, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Algiers, New York and Shanghai), and a network of 20,000 graduates employed around the world, EFAP School of communication was the first and has become one of the best communication schools in France. EFAP School of Communication is awarding graduate French degrees and double degrees recognised all over the world, after 5 years of study including 23 different specializations.

ICART School of Cultural and Art Management
School of cultural and artistic management ICART

ICART School of Cultural and Art Management

Founded in 1963, ICART school of cultural and art management has become the arts and culture industries’ go-to training ground, whipping the cultural management and art market sectors’ emerging professionals into shape.

With campuses in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon and New York, ICART school of cultural and art management has developed its artistic and cultural management course hand in hand with the sector’s leading professionals, offering its students an innovative, multi-disciplinary approach to learning that enables them to pour their passion into crafting careers full of meaning, and shaping them into leaders on the arts and culture scene, with the skills to adapt to the industry’s changing demands.

EFJ School of Journalism
EFJ - Journalism studies in 3 years

EFJ School of Journalism

EFJ is a journalism school that trains students with a passion for information and media looking to become multi-skilled, operational, and connected journalists. Over the course of three years of study, students are able to tap into the EFJ’s innovative approach to teaching, in which immersion, production and hands-on experience occupy a central role in the learning process.

Located in Paris and Bordeaux, EFJ school of journalism is the most digital-focused of France’s journalism schools, and specialises in educating graduates trained in producing and sharing work in step with today’s paces and media formats.

BRASSART School of Digital Arts
BRASSART - School of graphic design, 3D animation and video games

BRASSART School of Digital Arts

The BRASSART school is one of France’s most prominent institutions in graphic design and digital arts training. With a foothold in 12 French cities for a total of more than 2,000 students, BRASSART aims to provide training in six key areas of expertise: Digital and Graphic Design, VFX & 3D Animation, Video Games, Illustration and Graphic Arts, Cartoon Arts, and Audiovisual Arts.

Over the course of its 70 years of experience, BRASSART has trained nearly 10,000 qualified students to the creative professions and digital arts who now work in some of the world’s most prestigious animation studios, design agencies, and beyond.

CESINE - School of Business and Creation
CESINE - Marketing, communication and design programs

CESINE School of Design & Business

Founded in Santander in 1993, CESINE is a private international design and business school that stands out as one of Spain’s leading training hubs in marketing, communication and design. Its courses are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and are internationally recognised. Drawing on its sprawling network of companies, agencies and studios, every year CESINE international business school welcomes in close to 1,000 students from over 20 different countries.

MoPA Animation School
MoPA School of 3D AnimationMoPA - School of 3D animation movies

MoPA Animation School

For 20 years now, MoPA Animation School has been combining creativity, passion and technology in its internationally recognised courses. MoPA Animation school offers outstanding training in animation and film, with the many prizes and awards it has scooped at various festivals serving to illustrate its students’ high artistic and cinematographic standards and technical expertise. Since it was founded, MoPA has trained over 500 high-flying professionals expert in film animation, visual effects VFX, and movie makers, now scattered around the world.

CREAD School of Interior Design
School of Architecture and Interior Design CREAD

CREAD School of Interior Design

Set up in 1972, CREAD is the first school of interior architecture and decoration. This resolutely forward-looking school draws on the strength of its past, its national reputation, and its international partnerships to train future interior designers.

ESEC Filmmaking School
ESEC - French leading filmmaking school

ESEC Filmmaking School

Located in the heart of Paris and recognised by the Ministry of Culture, ESEC filmmaking school has been providing training in the various film professions for almost 50 years. Recognised as one of the leading international schools and the 4th largest film school in France, ESEC provides multidisciplinary training, mainly based on practical and technical courses, supervised by the best filmmaker in the sector.

3W Academy – Web and mobile development
3W Academy – Web and mobile development

3W Academy – Web and mobile development

Founded in 2012, 3W Academy is one of the very first institutions in France dedicated to computer code training. It offers various training courses in web development, web design, video games and artificial intelligence. In "bootcamp" format, work-study or through approved training, the 3W Academy trains nearly 1,000 people a year in several cities in France, as well as online.

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60 years
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10,000 students
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35,000 graduates

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